PFSA is a non profit (501(3)c) youth sports organization dedicated to the coaching and training of freestyle, freeriding and snowboarding athletes. We take great pride in developing strong well rounded skiers and boarders in the safest possible training e

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Super/Half Pipe
The Superpipe is the big brother of the Quarter and Halfpipe with near-vertical walls that measure at least 18 feet in height from its base to the top of the wall.

This height allows for skiers and snowboarders to get much more amplitude (air-time) while providing long durations to execute more complex maneuvers than those done in a standard pipe.

NOTE: Inverted aerial jumps are only permitted in the presence and at the discretion of a certified USSA level 200 aerial coach.

The wall height of the Superpipe at 7Springs,  U.S.Open and 2014 Olypmics are all 22 feet high!


The Superpipe at 7Springs 2011

Older school half pipe video...