PFSA is a non profit (501(3)c) youth sports organization dedicated to the coaching and training of freestyle, freeriding and snowboarding athletes. We take great pride in developing strong well rounded skiers and boarders in the safest possible training e

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Young Guns Developmental Team Program

The Developmental Team program is specifically designed for our younger athletes focusing on developing skiing fundamentals based on the athlete's skill sets and the training objectives of the coaching staff. 

Athletes 8 - 10 Years Old must complete at least 1 (one) season in the 7 Spring Mountain Adventure program or have other on slope skill sets to participate.

PA Freestyle offers a unique opportunity for Skiers & Snowboarders 8 years old or older with 1 or more years of experience expert instruction to master the mountain and prepare for participation in local and regional events within USASA - Appalachian Series and the Eastern Division of USSA. PA Freestyle is commited to providing our younger athletes with the opportunity to work with coaches to develop their overall skills across the mountain in the moguls, the terrain park and ski/boarder-cross course.

This is program is based on the following principles:

  • Practice skills to enhance their skiing / riding growth and development.

  • Develop proper on the slope etiquette so as to foster respect and safety.

  • Educate the athletes as to proper training techniques, rules and regulation so as to meet USSA / USASA competition requirements.

  • Keeping athletes in an age appropriate setting during their on the slope development.

  • Assist athletes in determining the area(s) and skills they are most interested in pursuing.   

  • To foster a love of skiing / boarding while developing comradery and lifelong friendships.

  • Make skiing & boarding FUN!!!

To participate in the PA Freestyle Development Team program athletes must meet the following criteria:

General abilities:

  • Act Independently while on the mountain
  • Rides all lifts without adult supervision
  • Comfortably ski all intermediate slopes
  • Use poles (skiers only)
  • Ski in control and stop
  • Snowboarders must connect turns using both toe and heel edges

Snowboarding Skills Required:

Skiing Skills Required:

  • Connected linked skidded turn on Blue Terrain
  • Flatland Spins on Green Run
  • Ollie / Nollie
  • Nose Roll / Tail Roll


  • Basic Parallel turns on Blue Terrain
  • Basic pole touch at turn initiation
  • Flatland Spin
  • Nose Press / Tail Press
  • Ollie


Coaching will focus on developing the following skills:

  • Dynamic Skidded Turn
  • Carving
  • Switch Riding
  • Intro to terrain park
  • 180's (heel side / toe side)
  • Jumps (1 - 3ft)
  • Single Grabs
  • Intro to Half-Pipe
  • Dynamic Parallel turn
  • Mogul Basics
  • Intro to terrain parks
  • Switch Skiing
  • Jumps (Straight Air &  Grabs)
  • Boxes
  • Rail Slide

Try out athletes:  For those athletes that are younger than 8, as of the season require a try out.  These athletes may register early to receive the early bird discount.  However, if they do not make the team the family will receive a refund for amount paid

Try out dates will be December 10th & 11th, weather permitting.  Only athletes new to the club will be asked to try out.  Returning athletes to the Young Guns program will work with ski or snowboard coaches to assess skills and determine strengths and opportuniites in advance of the holiday camp.

If you have questions about the Young Guns program please reach out directly to Jody Proudfit, Program Director for PA Freestyle at or 248 981-4807.