PFSA is a non profit (501(3)c) youth sports organization dedicated to the coaching and training of freestyle, freeriding and snowboarding athletes. We take great pride in developing strong well rounded skiers and boarders in the safest possible training e

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  4. Please follow all the step in the process through to completion so that we have your contact information on file for the upcoming season.  It is important to provide athlete and Parent contact information so that each receives important updates throughout the season as to meetings, competitions, practice updates (weather, etc.) and the like!!!  

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  1. Enter parental / guardian contact information first. If there are two parents as contacts, please provide information for BOTH parents in the registration system.  Your login ID will save your family's information for registering in future years or additional athlete registrations.  If you have more than one child to register, the system will allow you to register each athlete individually, upon completion of the athlete's registration. Only Parent, Legal guardians or persons 18 years of age or older can enter information for this program or fill out the required forms.  If you are not at least 18 years old and you wish to register, you will need to have parents or guardians fill in the following forms.

  2. Please make sure to add ALL information related to athlete and parent alike.   This is important to ensure you are kept current as to program, and that you receive updates as to venues when traveling to comps.
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  4. When parent or athlete information is added online and submitted then select additional registration for each additional athlete and parent information.  You should receive an email notifying you of sign up.  NOTE: Please respond to this email so we can validate your information for updates.  Updating all requested information categories is important to ensure your athlete has the best PAFreestyle experience. 

NOTE:   If you encounter any issue during the registration process, or have a question about PA Freestyle, please feel free to contact Chris Juricich at or 724-309-7418.

Important Information

  • PA Freestyle (PFSA) is only accepting online payments at this time.  
  • Additional information relating to the competitive programs can be found on the and web sites for USSA Skiers, and for Snowboarders.
  • Only Parent, Legal guardians or persons 18 years of age or older can enter information for this program or fill out the required forms.  If you are not at least 18 years old and you wish to register, you will need to have parents or guardians fill in the following forms.
  • The Young Gun program is designed for less experienced skiers, ages 8 and above, as of December 1 of the current season, with at least 2 to 3+ years of skiing experience, and for the athlete’s personal safety, be able to demonstrate to coaching staff that they can traverse the entire mountain, including all slopes, trails, terrain parks and lifts, comfortably and safely and without assistance, regardless of snow or weather conditions with skis and poles.
  • All athletes are required to have a general membership to USSA to ensure they are covered by the USSA's insurance that enables them to train with PA Freestyle. In addition, athletes must register for one of the following:
    - Mogul specific Athlete USSA competitor 
    - Slopestyle ski-specific athlete USASA competitor
    - All Snowboard disciplines USASA COMPETITOR
    - Skiier Cross athletes USASA competitor
    Unsure which you fall into? Feel free to reach out and ask.
  • Athletes can register for both USSA and USASA, if they wish.  Contact the program's Program Director(s), the Board of Directors, or one of the other coaches for more details as to the right fit for your athlete(s).   
  • All athletes MUST wear a certified snowsport helmet, that is also approved by USSA.
  • The focus of the program is on improvement through increased skiing time as well as using an introduction Freestyle / Freeride while reinforcing skills and to have fun.  Our desire is to create a safe experience from which each athlete will develop an everlasting love of the sport whether or not they choose to pursue competitive skiing / boarding. This is not a ski school program, but one for experienced skiers / boarders.  If you have any questions as to this program please contact Chris Juricich at or 724-309-7418.
  • Each PFSA athlete is required to take part in a minimum of one competitive event / venue (USSA and / or USASA) during the season.   Events / venues are held either at the local resort or within the competitive region with the intent to advance, over time, to higher level competition.    
  • Athletes are required to be involved and part of the team, including taking part in weekend and holiday camp training as often as possible (weather and health dependent).  
  • Photographs and videos will be taken during training of athletes for review and general distribution, including the web site and social media.    If skiers / boarders or parents do not wish to have these materials posted online contact PAFreestyle Staff and note that.    Postings in media from events is not under PFSA's control.   
  • It is requested that parents volunteer at least one of the team’s events (example: During Mogul Smack Down at the end of January or beginning of February each year, or USSA / Easternfreesytle States) or volunteer for a committee.
  • As part of the of membership dues for the 2020-2021 season $100 of each individual athlete’s registration fees is to allocated to assist in funding operational equipment (e.g.: starting gates, air bag support, "B" (event safety) netting, etc.).   Each member will be issued $10 tickets for a 7Springs Gift Card, a $1,000 value.   These tickets can be retained for personal use, or sold to friends, family or acquaintances.    Monies from the actual sale of these tickets can be retained by the payer or donating to the program.   Tickets will be distributed during / prior to this season's annual Holiday Camp.  One thousand tickets in total will be issued with the single award based on Pennsylvania Lottery Pick 3 to be held the evening of February 14, 2021 and the last three digits on the ticket ) . 

Note: PFSA has no control over and therefor will adhere to: policies, procedures, and directions of Federal, State and Local governmental agencies, Seven Springs Mountain Resort, and other venues as to timing of, access to, or conditions of, any and all activities

PA Freestyle 2020-2021 Program Registration

Welcome to the PA Freestyle's 2020 - 2021 program.

This is the registration for the 2020 - 2021 season with teams focusing on program approved events held in conjunction with the Eastern Region of USSA and USASA.  Coaching will only be available at certified / approved events.

In order to participate within this group the athlete must be a "registered member" with USSA.  To compete they must register as a competitor at thier age group.  To complete the registration process, please visit to register there in conjunction with this registration.

This program is for athletes who are both NEW and Returning to program from previous seasons. In order to register, the athlete must be 8 years of age by December 1st, 2020.

Athletes who are new to program will be subject to a "Try Out" the first weekend of the program to ensure that their skiing abilities are appropriate for a competitive based program.  Athlete who do not complete the try are entitled to a refund of their program fee less a $100 administrative fee for the try out.  PA Freestyle cannot refund USSA or USASA membership fees.

Athletes registering with the intent of competiting at the A Level, Rev Tour, or in OPEN events must first seek the approval of the Program Director. 

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RESPONSIBILITY AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY The Pennsylvania Freestyle Ski Association is a Snowsports association provides a variety of activities for its member athletes through the membership year (November 15 through November 14).   Snowsport activities are, to a varying degree, hazardous.  By making application for membership, I/we voluntarily assume all the risks involved.  By assuming all risks involved, I/we agree to not hold Pennsylvania Freestyle Ski Association / PA Freestyle, its officers or Board Members, organizers or coordinators liable for any accident or injury resulting from participation in PFSA related activity. I/we have read this release in full and understand it, and hereby apply / renew for membership in the Pennsylvania Freestyle Ski Association.

No athlete will be able to participate in PA Freestyle related activities unless athlete is paid in full and waivers are agreed upon by parent(s) / guardian(s).   By completing this online registration parent(s) / guardian(s) are agreeing to PA Freestyle's  SPORTS INSURANCE, COVID WaiverPHOTO RELEASE and Emergency Action Protocol for their minor and themselves.


When registering please choose the athletes primary discipline:

Board/Ski Cross- Racing through a course with obstacles side by side with your competitors. For Snowboard only- Giant Slalom and Slalom training

Freeski/Slopestyle- Ski Only- Skiing on jumps, rails, boxes, and halfpipe. Competing in a closed course format- best of two runs.

Freestyle/Mogul- Ski Only- Primary Focus is skiing through a course of bumps being judged on time, turns, and maneuver. This segment of the team also participates in Aerial events.

Snowboard- Snowboarding on jumps, rails, boxes, and halfpipe. Competing in a closed course format- best of two runs.

Young Guns- is for skiers and snowboarders who are ages 8-10.Prospective athletes are expected to have at least 2 years of on-slope experience and will learn to take their skiing/snowboarding from flat to feature improving their riding through the learning of freestyle.

Please refer to USSA / Easternfreestyle / USASA web sites for Age Groupings and additional information relating to the competitive programs at, and / or 


Base Cost: $1,200.00

Opened: 10/05/2020